AWA Programs

  • S.N.A.P

  • SNAP (Spay-Neuter Aid Program) is designed to help persons on public assistant with the spay/neutering of their pets.  If you are on any of the following programs: Unemployment, Disability, Medicaid, or WIC, you may qualify for the SNAP Program.  Applications for the program can be picked up at any of these locations: Council on Aging, LaGrange Animal Clinic, Northside Veterinary Clinic, or South Milford Veterinary Hospital.  (Must be a resident of LaGrange county, Indiana to participate.)

    Complete the application, mail it to the address listed on the form.  If accepted, the approved (must have AWA embossed Seal to be valid) form will be sent back to your veterinarian for the spay/neuter.

        • Re-Home Program

          • If you pet needs to be re-homes and you can keep the pet until a suitable home can be found, we will post pictures of the pet on a PetFinder site so they can be seen by people all over the country.  You would need to furnish a digital photo (if needed, we can come and take a photo), answer a questionnaire about your pet, and keep the pet in your home until an adoptive family or Foster home can be found.  For more information, please call Debbie 260-four, six, three-3406.



          • C.A.R.E. Project
            Companion Animals Resources & Education

          • It is unfortunate that many adoptable animals are being destroyed because of limited space and disinterest at the present, unsuitable shelter, and by the present County Government.  It is our goal to raise the funds to purchase (or have donated) property with suitable structure or property to build the proper structure to achieve these goals:
          • 1 ) Provide an adoption center with space for holding so we can work with rescues to place dogs in foster homes or that they can be adopted into good, loving homes.
          • 2) The means to spay and neuter them, so the pets being adopted are not contributing to a continuing pet over-population problem.
          • 3) Provide education on animal care/guardianship with other needed animal related services for the residents of LaGrange County. 
          • By providing a private Adoption/Education Center A.W.A. will be contributing a positive environment and experience for both county residents wanting to volunteer and adopt companion pets and companion pets needing permanent homes.  We will not be providing animal control or a county animal shelter.

            We have not given up on our dream of a private shelter.  The county shelter continues to be inadequate.






























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