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We are working on adding this site to the Animal Welfare Cares website.  Some links may not be in working order at this time, but we are hoping to get them all caught up soon!  Thank you for your patience.
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Welcome to Meowsville ~ the official online store of the Neuteress of the Night, designed to raise FUN and FUNDS for animal lovers!

Whether you are a nonprofit organization seeking new and creative ways to raise awareness and funds, a veterinary clinic or grooming shop on a campaign to save the beloved pets you serve, or an enlightened animal lover wanting a special, loving gift for yourself, your friends and that special pet, you’ve come to the right place!

The Neuteress and her faithful sidekicks, The Ace of Spayeds and Billy B. Leaky, the puppy mill rescue, will show you how to save lives simply by having fun! Meowsville.com is something to bark about!

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The ULTIMATE sterile fashion statement! =^..^=
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Meowsville has been adopted by Ebby Halliday! Ebby's new and innovative E.A.R.N. Program in which the generous Ebby real estate agents have reduced their commissions by 20% in order to offer the buyer/seller for this program a 5% cash incentive. Ebby's agents are giving back to the community's humane and rescue groups the remaining 15% commission. This is an incredibly innovative program in which the buyer/seller WINS, the humane and rescue groups WIN and the agent WINS. There are many other benefits to the buyer/seller, including, flat fee closing, up to 60% off moving services, special services from mortgage companies & more! What a deal! You get a new home & CASH, we get to neuter a cats & dogs!


Please be sure to visit http://www.ahimsatx.org, my non-profit site. Feel free to share the free resources and spay neuter promotional tools you find there, and those here at meowsville.com, with anyone you know who loves animals -- especially local humane and rescue groups, and folks who are doing animal rescue or foster work. For a world directory of animal organizations visit (and register with..!): http://www.worldanimal.net/

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