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    About the Adopted

    This is Biskit.  He was picked up by animal control running the State grounds with a Black & Tan Coonhound.  He was only 4 -5 months old.  I knew the minute I saw the gangly, scrawny Hound Puppy, he was not staying at the shelter.  I took him to foster and he went to a couple of adoption events.  Hounds are not readily adopted, but deep inside I think i knew that he already had a home.  We adopted him in November 2002 and he is a continuous delight!

    This is Biskit today.  He is always so dignified, smart, funny, loving, and a typical hound.  W thank our lucky stars each day that we saw him when we did and he was not "put down" at the shelter.

    To think that this beautiful little guy could have been killed, makes me cringe.  Biskit is a fabulous dog and we are so happy to have him.
    Chelsea, our Chihuahua mix, came to us almost a year ago.  She was found walking along Highway 5.  This is amazing in itself, because she has very deformed feet and legs and it is very difficult for her to even walk.  The vet believes her feet are that way because either they were tromped on or run over and never treated or she was kept in a kennel all of her life and her feet did not have a chance to develop properly.  When he x-rayed her feet and legs, he also discovered she had 7 BBs throughout her body.  We have also never been able to determine her approximate because while her teeth look young, her body looks like and old lady.

    We feel very blessed to have her in our lives.  She is now a spoiled, pampered little Princess and she lets us know every day with her kisses and tail wags that is now a very happy dog.
    I have to wonder how many lives Jack touched before he entered mine.  He is an absolute love.  Jack was found hitchhiking when he was given a ride to the LaGrange Animal Shelter.  It was love at first site when I saw him there.

    He didn't care what I did to him as long as I gave him attention.  After he came to live with us, he met a special older gentleman that fell in love with him, too.  This man really wanted him for his very own, but knowing hi health he had to agree to share "Jackie", as he called him, with me.

    Recently, this man passed away, but right before he did he got to touch Jack from his hospital bed one last time.  I'll never know how many lives Jack has touched, but I do know how special his touch has been to a few of us since he has come to live with me.
    Sissy is a 7 year old Black Lab.  She was turned into animal control because the family thought their house was too busy for her.

    Sissy was adopted by one of the groomers at Petco in Mishawaka where Sissy was attending an adoption event.   Sissy is a great dog and  has many productive hears ahead o her.  Her new family recently had her tested and certified with TDI )Therapy Dogs International) so she can visit nursing homes.  Sissy is brining so much love and joy, not only into her new home, but to people who can't have dogs anymore.  

    Sissy is a wonderful dog and has brought happiness to many!
    Maggie was adopted from the shelter in 2002.
    Sushi was adopted in November 2002.  She has a wonderful new home and was one of the lucky ones.
































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