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Neuter-Neueter Land

Only humans can prevent unwanted litters.

Welcome to Neuter-NeuterLand . A place where pets are happy, well cared for, and loved, each & every one. A place where all the cats & dogs, kittens & puppies all have homes because their guardians are responsible and neuter.

A place where you can make a difference simply by being funny.

Promote neuter with humor, have fun with it and help end the irresponsibility of pet overpopulation.

Or just go nuts! :)

Our "Humor Us, Neuter US" Campaign has hit town with a message that is quite simply, impossible to ignore. Our local shelters are killing hundreds of healthy animals every day; the direct result of  people not neutering pets.  The taxpayers get stuck with the bill, the animals get stuck with the needle and die (the "lucky ones"), the rest are shot, stuck in a bag, dumped, poisoned, etc..

Now you can help by simply sharing these ideas with your vet, rescue & humane groups & businesses sympathetic to these unnecessary deaths of so many healthy kittens/cats, dogs & puppies. These messages on a marquee will attract clients, and you'll have fun doing it.

This is an "unaltered" list, the result of constant brainstorming. We intentionally did not censor our creativity, so should you find anything too offensive 'cut it off.'

But please remember that good advertising targets the mentality of those creating the overpopulation problem. Start letting people know it's unconscionable for so much death to result from so preventable a problem.

*Floozy Cat and Neuter is Cuter 1999 LOST ANGELES RUBBER WORKS.
Stamps for these and other designs can be ordered from

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Spay/Neuter Slogans

Please don't litter.
Neuter your pets!

Oppose the death penalty,
neuter your pets!

Save lives, spay today!

Prevent a litter,
Fix your critter!

Save a rug neuter your cat

If you walked around naked all day, all you'd think
about is sex too. Spay and neuter your pets today!

Neuter. Because all the
other answers are stupid.

* Be an organ donor,
neuter your pet!

Litter's just another word for trash.

One CAN have too many cats,
just ask the shelter!

Take the "Eu" out of Euthanasia,
neuter your pets!

If your pet won't wear a condom,
get him FIXED!

If it ain't neutered FIX IT.

YAHOO: Yahoo neuter are so much smarter than Yahoo don't!

Smarties neuter, dummies don't.

Pet overpopulation isn't the end
of the world, unless you're
a puppy or a kitten.

It takes balls to neuter your pet!

A dog in heat needs more than shade!

Not to discount the sexual prowess of the rabbit,
there's a reason it's not called "BUNNY" style. Fix your pets!

Prevention is wiser than destruction.
Please neuter your pets.

We will no longer kill your mistakes and the casualties of your irresponsibility. (Craig Brestrup)

Any cat will tell you,
"Neuter your dog!!"

Any dog will tell you,
"Neuter the darn cat!"

Friends don't let friends have litters.

Neuter, just DO IT!

I'm a responsible breeder
I don't breed!

Stupid people shouldn't breed;
smart ones don't. Let us explain...

Help us put the human back in humane, neuter your pets.

Lots More Slogans! (click here) ...

=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^.^= =^..^=

Neuter Days to Mark on Your Calendar!

January: A GREAT NEW YEAR begins with sterile healthy pets!
February: February is President's Day!
- All elected officials should be neutered!
Ash Wednesday: don't make an ash of yourself, neuter your pets!
Washington's birthday: Washington chopped!
March: March in and Neuter. No Blarney NEUTER!
Spring has sprung and litters flow forth, STOP THE FLOOD!
April: Don't be an April Fool! Neuter Your pets!
It's a Good Friday to neuter! Hop on neutering your bunny.
Don't Passover a chance to neuter!
It's a small world with far too many pets, please neuter! (Earth Day)
May: May your pets be neutered! Honor your mother, neuter the cat!
Memorial Day: Honorable people,sterilize pets!
June: In June we bug you to neuter! Responsible father's don't litter!
Summer begins, beat the heat!
July: Friends don't let friends have litters.
Neuter before the Fourth to avoid the big bang.
Go FOURTH and neuter!
August: August you shudda' neutered sooner!
Fall: We'll leaf you alone if you'll neuter!
September: Avoid Labor Day, spay your pets!
Yom Kippur, We snip 'er
October: The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
Saints into spay/neuter assistance: St. Francis would Assisi
November: Neuter that turkey!! THANKS for not GIVING us more litters! Neuter before spring!
December: Deck the Halls With Balls of Collies, fa la la la la, la la la la....
We don't want to make a scene in The Manger, but will you PLEASE neuter????!?!
Happy Neut Year!

Please add more ... Send an email to
or Sign Our Guestbook

=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= = ^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^.^= =^..^=

* Spay/Neuter License Plate frames are available at

Sterile Rubber! Rubber stamp images promoting spay neuter. Ready now, available at!

Neuteress of the Night Box Tour 2001 - Replaces Kat Kits #1-4

If you have requested a Kat Kit and haven't received it yet, it's because we have received so many requests! We decided it is so time consuming (and expensive!) to make individual packets for everyone, that it would be a better idea to send out one huge box with everything in it to a list of interested parties. The Neuteress of the Night box started its tour 12/10/00 headed to south Texas.

We have packed posters, signs, leaflets, cat toys, all sorts of ideas and sent it on the road to a list of people who submitted their names. If you are interested in receiving the box, simply add your name to the list and email us so that we are sure to make not you are on the list. When you receive the box, please email us to let us know it has arrived. Two weeks should be ample time for you to glean and add what ever ideas you may have to the box before sending it on to the next person. Email us when you send the box off so we can keep track of it. PLEASE PAY the extra $.35 and get a tracking number when you mail to the next person!!!

This saves you money (the $5.00 donation for the Kat Kits) AND it saves us time and money too. More money for spay neuter!

You are welcome to copy any and all material written by Kat or with the Ahimsa of Texas name on it. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE anything if it is the last copy or the last sample. We want everyone to be able to see a total package.

Many of the kat toys can be made to resell for funds. The Catabunga wand toy is manufactured by Visions Extraordinaire and I will gladly wholesale these toys to any non-profit of retail business shop. Email for more information.

We greatly appreciate your adding your ideas to the box so that others will benefit from your creativity also.

Yes, I want to receive the Neuteress of the Night Box:

City, State, Zip:
Email: (enter your email address)

1) Email when you receive the box:
2) Keep no more than 2 weeks
3) Mark off your name on list, mail to next recipient.
4) Email when box is mailed out including:
USPS TRACKING NUMBER (an extra $.35) and
Name, Address, email and phone of next on list.

Please don't hesitate to let us know what ideas you have and keep us posted!

=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= = ^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^.^= =^..^=

Click here to see the Neuteress of the Night featured in April '01 issue of Cat Fancy!
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Because all the other answers are stupid!

The "Neuter US Humor US campaign" is created & sponsored by Neuteress of the Night

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