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Awards & Testimonials

The Humane Society of Southeast Texas is proud and honored to have received a grant from Ahimsa of Texas for spay/neuter assistance to our local community. The grant we received from Ahimsa was extremely timely and has allowed us to "jump-start" our spay/neuter assistance program (which did not exist until Ahimsa's generous grant). Ahimsa's grant also allowed us to obtain spay/neuter funding assistance from other organizations. (Without having received a grant previously, other organizations were reluctant to grant funding assistance. The fact that your organization believed in us went a long way toward helping us with additional grants!)

We sincerely appreciate Ahimsa's assistance and are making every effort to stretch these funds as far as possible - to help as many pet companions as possible. Ahimsa - thank you SO MUCH!

Cindy Meyers, President
Humane Society of Southeast Texas

A conference without the Neuteress is like a day without sunshine!

Bonney Brown
Best Friends

It was just great to finally meet you in person at the No-Kill Conference. You are doing such a FANTASTIC job of getting "the word" out and your unique style and ideas are creative and refreshing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sandy R.

As a Humane Society employee, breed rescue volunteer, and animal rights activist, I long ago lost count of people who’ve said, “somebody should do something” about the overwhelming problem of pet overpopulation. It was therefore truly refreshing to meet Kathleen Chaplin, a vibrant, creative and determined lady who is making the solution a reality.

While many are merely discussing this deadly serious problem, and even more others are either unaware or, sadly, unconcerned, Kat Chaplin (a/k/a Neuteress of the Night) has taken upon herself the task to educate and influence with a very effective grassroots spay/neuter campaign.

Her message rings clear and true: spay/neuter is the only real solution to pet overpopulation. It is her unique and truly inspired presentation however, utilizing tongue-in-cheek humor and outrageous visuals, that popularizes a subject otherwise plagued by misconception and misinformation. You cannot ignore the Neuteress, nor can you forget her, and when you find yourself unexpectedly humming a Neuter Neuter Land jingle, you know you’re hooked!

As someone who spends every day with the sad results of pet overpopulation, I heartily salute Kat Chaplin and her organization for truly making a difference.

Bekye Walker
Humane Society of Greater Miami
Fuzzy Pawz Shih Tzu Rescue
National Maltese and Small Dog Rescue Alliance
Small Paws Rescue

I could write pages upon pages about Ahimsa and their accomplishments, and what this organization and its dedicated volunteers have done for H.O.P.E. Of Texoma, Inc. and myself.

Ahimsa has sponsored scholarships for me to three national humane conferences over the last 4 years, giving me the opportunity to learn new concepts and to network my own ideas. I have been able to make connections with individuals within major grant foundations which will be critical in the future, and others who have been and will be essential to HOPE's growth. I now know "Who I'm gonna' call!".

When I am discouraged, frustrated and worried they have been my leanin' pole, and my lifeline. They have helped HOPE with donations for fundraisers, references and connections for what ever I happen to be struggling with; have given me wisdom, and opened more doors and windows than anyone could ever imagine.

Kat's sense of humor is an inspiration. Everyday, every e-mail with her is an education! She is the most unique and creative person I have ever known, and has taught me how important it is to bring humor into our fight to save lives.

Bonnie's generosity and commitment are profound. This is especially apparent in her work with the India projects. She has an amazing strength of character and a person of boundless energy when doing her volunteer work.

I know that neither I, nor H.O.P.E. could have progressed as far and as quickly as we have without them. Ahimsa is indeed "a small but mighty force" working for animal protection.

I can't imagine doing this without them, and doubt that I could. They are not only friends to me, but more importantly, a true friend to animals everywhere. They are more committed, determined and able to achieve anything and everything, than any group I know.

All this because I saw an ad for a license plate frame that said: "I'd Rather Be Neutering!" and contacted Ahimsa for more information!

Obviously, I can't say enough about them and the wonderful work they do in helping the animals, other organizations and the public at large. None of this can even come close to expressing what a difference these people and this group makes. I doubt anyone can. They are simply, the best!

Karen Maple Richardson,
Executive Director
HOPE Texoma
9250 96th Street
Lexington, OK 73051

Kat, thank you , thank you, thank you!
I will forward your 'battlecries' to everyone I know!
I will repeat them myself, frequently and loudly!
I will let my bosses know about the info you sent!
And maybe this once they will listen,learn something.
With the info already printed off your sites I am armed with more than i ever had before!

Mike, ACO
Richmond, Virginia

To those of you who do not get a subscription of Cat Fancy, I would like to suggest that you run out and get a copy of April 2001 edition. Featured as an unsung hero is THE NEUTERESS OF THE NIGHT! She is a true force in educating animal responsibility with humor. This is a brief insight to the unique and creative person that she is. (Though no article, no matter how well written, can capture the true neuteress)! I encourage you to read about this amazing person and share this with others. She truly is an unsung hero who deserves to have her story told. If you want some real laughs visit her humor us, neuter us campaign at www.ahimsatx.org

Karen Maple Richardson,
Executive Director
HOPE Texoma
9250 96th Street
Lexington, OK 73051

Hi Kat -

Hope all goes well with you and yours. I had some good luck to pass along patterned on your Free Kitten Ad advisory (which I keep handy). Telephoned a gal on "free kittens", offered her one of our shelter discount spay'neuter certificates, which she gladly accepted, and I hand-delivered to her house. She was so impressed, she subsequently visited our cat shelter, and decided to write an article about us in a local newspaper, where she's a feature editor! BINGO!!

Also, (trying to be creative - like you), we fancied-up our adoption fee schedule from a flat $49 per kitty, to a special discount rate of (get this) ONLY $1 PER WHISKER!!!! Since (we were told) the average whisker count for kittys is 42, we won't be losing that much money, but making if fun for our adopters to pay the fee!

With about 135 kits at our shelter, gotta be creative. Thanks for the constant inspiration.

Regards and meows,

I laughed so hard reading all this info that I actually peed my PJ's!!!! I've sent your site out to everyone on my lists! *still roaring with laughter over Deck the halls with balls of collies!!*

You are doing a wonderful thing Kat, this world needs more people like you! Pet overpopulation would be reduced and we'd all be laughing so hard there would be no time for hatred.

Tami Myers



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