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  • Dog FAQ

        • Will Animal Welfare pay to have my animal fixed?

          No. Animal Welfare Association will not pay to have your pet spayed or neutered.  We will be glad to give you information on Spay/Neuter Clnics in our area and information on our Programs.  You may qualify for one of them to get assistance with costs.  See Programs Page

          How can I help?

          Attend a meeting, volunteer to help with one of our upcoming fundraisers, volunteer at animal control to help walk dogs, clean kennels.  Organize a pet food drive with your co-workers, sponsor a cat/dog, have a garage sale and donate part of the proceeds to the Animal Welfare Association.  Not sure, give us a call.  See the Contact Us page.

          Can I attend a meeting?

          We welcome all newcomers to our meetings.  We currently meet the first Thursday of each month.  Please give us a call to see where the next meeting will be held. See the Contact Us page.

          Should I breed my dog?

          NO!!  Unless you are showing your dog and the puppies are from pedigreed Champions to be show dogs - NO!  There are so many dogs and cats now, there will never be homes for all of them.  Breeding for money is never a reason to breed a dog!  See the 'Should I Breed my Dog Chart'


        • Lost Your Pet?

        • If your pet is lost, call animal control immediately!

          If your pet is picked up:

          • Without a collar - they have 3 days before they can be put down.

          • With a collar and tags or no tags - they have 5 days before they can be put down.

          Call and leave a message with Animal Control. Many times there is no one there to talk to.  If you can get a hold of someone, make arrangements to meet them and take a current photo of your pet to them.  Keep calling and checking to see if they have been picked up.  Just becuase they are not there the day you call doesn't mean they may not be picked up the next day or the day after.

          Be sure your pet has an ID Tag!!!! 
          This is so important.  Keep it current!

          You can purchase a simple ID Tag at the local Veterinarians for $1.00 donation in the Animal Welfare Box.  ID Tags can save your pet's life!

          Join 24 Hour Pet Watch

          Thank you to all who participated in Tag Day and had their pets chipped.  
          You can now visit 24 Pet Watch, register, select a password, and upload a picture of your pet.  If you are unable to upload a picture, send the photo toAWA.

          24 Pet Watch also has pet recovery tips.  Please visit their website for tips.































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